Tips for using this blog

Dear reader,  

Firstly, I hope that this blog will be of use to you whether you are reading for pleasure or study. If you are coming to one of the plays listed for the first time, then please note that the “discussion/interpretation” section contains spoilers. Ideally, I hope that readers will find enough information about a particular play to convince them to read it, for example in the summary and reasons to read section of each post. Once you have read a particular play, it may be interesting for you to return to the “discussion/interpretation” section and compare your thoughts on the work with the perspective in the essay.

  • Schedule.

The planned schedule for this blog is 1 to 2 posts per month. The selection of plays will be diverse so you can expect classic and modern plays.  

  • Summary.

A summary will be provided for each play.

  • Sources.

Where possible, a free online source for each play will be listed. This may be a readable/audible/watchable version of the work.  

  • Reasons to read/listen/watch.

I will provide a few reasons why you should read the play based on my own reading experience.

  • Post-reading discussion/interpretation.

This section will contain spoilers. Each play will be discussed/interpreted in the form of an extended essay. Normally, I will read reviews and academic essays on the play in question and the essay provided in the blog may reflect such work or approach the play from a new perspective. Hopefully, this section will add to the insights you gained from your own reading.